How I Feel About Patrick Mahomes Having The Largest Contract In Sports History

On July 6th, Patrick Mahomes signed a ten year contract worth $503 million with the Kansas City Chiefs. This is not only the largest contract in football, it is the largest contract in sports. To find out how I feel about the booko bucks he is being paid and if I think he will play through this entire contract, read on…

How I Feel About Patrick Mahomes Getting The Largest Contract In Sports History

I think that it was a good idea giving him this large contract, especially since his rookie contract is almost up. By him signing this contract he will stay with the Chiefs and can help them win more Super Bowls. This reigning Super Bowl MVP will be 36 years old when his contract is up, which might also play into a perfect time to retire. Which leads me to thinking that if he does really well in the next ten years in the NFL, he could possibly be a first ballot Hall of Famer in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame – which we all know is such a huge honor.

The only negative thing I see about this huge contract that Mahomes just signed is that there really isn’t much left under the salary cap for other Chiefs players. Meaning, anyone who needs a contract extension isn’t going to see much added to their pay stub.

All in all I think this is good for Patrick Mahomes. He deserves it!

Do I Think Mahomes Will Play All Ten Years of His Contract?

I think that he might play all ten years of his contract, but it also depends on if he gets injured or not. He got injured once this past season, leaving him on the sidelines for three games. If he gets injured during one of the years he is on his ten year deal with the Chiefs, the contract will not be durable. In order for him to play all ten years and collect on his deal he must stay healthy. This could happen provided his offensive line can protect him really well and that he doesn’t run out of the pocket too many times when the defense is trying to blitz on second or third down.

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