Why I Think The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Not Go To The Playoffs This Season

Ever since the Buccaneers signed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots there has been major hype around them. Everyone thinks that they will go to the playoffs this season, even if the season happens due to COVID-19.

Why I think the Buccaneers will not go the playoffs this season

The reason why I think that the Buccaneers will not go to the playoffs this season is because they are not good enough yet. Their division is loaded. Look at the teams in their division, the Saints have Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Tyson Hill and Michael Thomas; the Falcons are sitting pretty with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Todd Gurley; and the Panthers are flying with Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey. With all that said, the chances of the Buccaneers going to the playoffs is very unlikely, which is why I think that their record will only be eight wins and eight losses. A record like this won’t get them into the playoffs like everyone is saying right now.

What will happen to the Buccaneers if they don’t make it to the playoffs

If the Buccaneers don’t go the playoffs this season I think Tom Brady might decide to retire after having two seasons without going to a Super Bowl and then they would have to draft a new quarterback in the 2021 – maybe someone like Trevor Lawrence from Clemson or Justin Fields from Ohio State.

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