How I Feel About Alex Smith’s Comeback to The NFL

On November 11th 2018, during a week eleven game against the Houston Texans in the third quarter of the game, quarterback Alex Smith of the Washington Redskins had taken an extremely hard hit to the leg, resulting in a really bad injury. An injury so bad that it nearly cost him his leg and knocked him out of the remaining 2018 season. Since then, Smith has had many surgeries and has been going to physical therapy and rehab for his leg.  He’s been working hard with rehab training so that he can make a comeback to the Redskins in 2020 and hopefully have the starting job as well.

How I Feel About Alex Smith’s Comeback To the Redskins

I honestly think that Alex Smith will have trouble coming back to the NFL since his brutal injury.  I also think he is really going to have to fight for the starting job since there are two other guys that want that same position as well – Kyle Allen and Dwayne Haskins.

If I had to take a guess, I’d bet Kyle Allen, who was traded from the Carolina Panthers for a fifth round draft pick to Carolina, is the man for the job.  Kyle Allen has the makings of a first string quarterback for the Redskins.  Just look at his numbers from last season. He threw for 3,322 yards, completed 62 percent of his passes and threw for seventeen touchdowns. This is much better than Dwanye Haskins whose numbers last season included, throwing for 1,365 yards, completed 58.6 percent of his passes and threw only seven touchdowns. As shown Kyle Allen would be a better fit than Dwayne Haskins for the Redskins offense.  Not to mention he has more experience in the league.

But this brings me back to Alex Smith.  I suppose he could have one of two outcomes this season. The first would be that he would become Kyle Allen’s backup. The second, he would become the third string quarterback for the Redskins.

As much as I don’t want to say it, there’s a very good chance that Smith won’t see the field during the 2020 season. I don’t believe there will be an NFL comeback the way it is drawn up in the movies. 

Sidebar- After this blog post was published Smith was cleared for all football activities.

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