How I Felt About Jimmy Morrissey Being Drafted to the Las Vegas Raiders

On Saturday, May 1st, the Las Vegas Raiders took Jimmy Morrissey from the University of Pittsburgh as their seventh-round pick in the 2021 NFL draft. 

Once in a lifetime

That is the statement that most would say about going to the NFL, especially about someone who was a walk-on to their college program, like Morrissey was at the University of Pittsburgh. Scouting reports were all over the board as the draft approached on Morrissey. Some said he had weaknesses playing Center, others paid him no mind. But those that know him, or even followed him throughout his career understood that his football IQ and leading spirit would ultimately get him drafted into the NFL. He just needed one team to believe in him and give him that once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Pick is In

During the beginning of the seventh round of the 2021 NFL draft, the Las Vegas Raiders took a chance on drafting a player who would fit their team, hopefully, someone who had a great story about him like he did during his college career and had a lot of experience. They were also looking for a player who filled their team philosophy. They were looking for someone who loves the game of football, who works hard, has a high intellect and understands the game. This is why the Raiders chose Morrissey. He’s all those things and so much more.

How I ultimately felt about this pick

When I saw Morrissey’s name on the bottom of my screen during the beginning of the seventh round, I was overjoyed because I was hoping for him to get drafted somewhere instead of being an undrafted free agent and having to go through the process of being a walk-on to a team once again (even though he could do that quickly and possibly make the team because of his work ethic). But in the end, I was ecstatic about this pick for the Raiders.

You may ask, why a die-hard Eagles fan has such an interest in the former Pitt Center, well, I have met him personally. He grew up in the home next to my grandparents. He is truly one of the most kind, compassionate and hardworking people I know. He is a born leader and is incredibly smart. Don’t be surprised if you see this Eagles fan sporting a Raiders jersey this fall. Congratulations, Jimmy Morrissey! Congratulations, Raiders Nation, for getting a great selection. Let’s go Raiders!

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