Who I Think Will Win the Starting Quarterback Job Down In Carolina Between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold

On July 6th, the Cleveland Browns traded Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a 2024 fifth-round draft pick for Mayfield. Even though the Panthers had acquired Sam Darnold from the Jets the previous season and had drafted Matt Corral from Ole Miss as the 94th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Now amid in training camp and inching towards the start of preseason games this weekend, Coach Matt Rhule hasn’t decided on who his starting quarterback will be between Mayfield or Darnold. So the question now lies ahead, Who will be the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers between Mayfield and Darnold?

Both Mayfield and Darnold were overhyped when Drafted and did Not Perform Well.

Amid training camp and week one of the preseason games, the Panthers have a dilemma to figure out who their exact starter will come this fall between Mayfield and Darnold. Yes, bot,h was in the same draft class that was considered to be an overly hyped class of 2018 with the likes of Mayfield himself, who went first overall to the Browns and is now being quarterbacked by Deshaun Watson, who is being suspended for six games this upcoming season, Darnold who was selected third overall to the New York Jets who are now being run by 2nd overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft Zach Wilson who is in his controversy himself, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills who is an MVP caliber Quarterback and could get the Bills to the Super Bowl for the first time in like a hot minute, Josh Rosen Josh was selected 10th overall to the Arizona Cardinals who are now being run by Kyler Murrary who was selected a year after Rosen and not to mention Rosen was considered a draft bust and Lamar Jackson who was drafted 32nd overall to the Ravens and became league MVP only once. But likewise, when coming out of college and beginning their careers in the NFL, both were heralded as turning their franchises around, but only one of them did do that in an unpredictable year which was Mayfield and the Browns making it to the playoffs in 2020 While Darnold saw things such as ghosts when trying to throw the football. Furthermore, both Mayfield and Darnold both had terrible starts to their careers and are trying to turn it around in the same city, which is Carolina.

Who I Think Is Going to Get the Starting Quarterback job in Carolina?

Now that both the first overall pick and the third overall pick are battling it out down in Carolina for the starting gig in Matt Rhule’s offensive scheme, one will have to beat out the other, which, to be honest, the one who will most likely win out for the starting gig is the guy who has been there for a year which is Darnold. The only reason I am saying this is that based on what has been going on in team scrimmages against the first team defenses during practice, Mayfield has been throwing interceptions in camp while Darnold has been doing better by throwing two touchdowns and completing 6 for 8 of his passes. In contrast, Mayfield had only completed 3 for 8 of his passes in camp, which shows that Darnold is the guy who will win the starting gig from coach Rhule come regular season time. Still, the Panthers play the Browns in week one of the regular season, which could be Mayfield’s revenge game if he gets the starting gig from Rhule. Still, it is a daily battle, but I firmly believe that Darnold will win the starting job for the Panthers at the end of the day.

As a result, based on things going on in Carolina for Panthers training camp, coach Matt Rhule will most likely give the starting quarterback job to quarterback Sam Darnold over Baker Mayfield if Darnold continues to do well in the center but be warned if not, the job will not last long for him, but there you have my take on who I think will win the first string quarterback job for the Carolina anthers for the upcoming season. Hopefully, the Panthers will have an answer to this ongoing question by the end of training camp.

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