How I Felt About The Philadelphia Eagles Losing To The Pittsburgh Steelers

On October 11th the Philadelphia Eagles were taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers hoping to get another victory while being on the road.

Back and forth madness

In the first quarter the Philadelphia Eagles were trying to keep the game scoreless, but much to their dismay, the Steelers scored a touchdown early on. The Eagles answered them back with a trick play. It looked like Carson Wentz was throwing the ball, but instead he flipped it to Miles Sanders, who ran like a bolt of lightning, to the endzone. I thought that this play was pure genius because Wentz had faked out the defense really well.

Eagles trying to come back

In the second quarter, the Eagles were trying to tie the Steelers by scoring a touchdown,  which is exactly what Carson Wentz did. He marched the offense down the field like a bunch of soldiers. On defense the Birds kept the Steelers from scoring another touchdown and only let them kick a field goal instead, which made the score at halftime 14-17 Steelers.

Wentz’s mishaps and triumphs

In the third quarter, the Birds offense had some mishaps and triumphs which can mainly be attributed to Carson Wentz. He threw an interception. Honestly, I think he needs to get his eyes checked. But he also threw two touchdowns, to make the score 29-31 Steelers.

Eagles are not the best at their jobs

In the fourth quarter, the Eagles did two things that were wrong for all areas of the team, including missing a field goal on special teams, letting the Steelers get away with another touchdown on defense and lastly, Carson Wentz throwing another interception – making the final score of the game 29-38 Steelers.

Takeaways from this week’s game

The takeaways from this week’s game are the Eagles need to work on a lot of things if they want to beat the Baltimore Ravens next week. One of the things the Eagles need to work on defense-wise is with the linebackers. Lamar Jackson likes to run outside of the pocket. Since this is the case, the Eagles need to be prepared to sack him a lot next week. The cornerbacks need to watch the receiver they are covering. On the offensive side of the ball, its the same thing, Wentz needs to work on not turning the ball over as much. Here’s to week six everyone.

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