How I Felt About the Philadelphia Eagles Tying the Cincinnati Bengals

On September 27th the 0-2 Philadelphia Eagles took on the 0-2 Cincinnati Bengals hoping to get their first victory at home.

First quarter mishaps

In the beginning of the first quarter the Eagles were doing well, they were getting small chunks of yardage and scored a field goal, but quarterback Carson Wentz did have some mishaps, such as throwing some incomplete passes and throwing two interceptions. Lately, watching Carson Wentz is like watching an hours worth of NFL Bloopers. But the defense was doing very well, since they were stopping Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense by holding them to a field goal.

Coming back from behind

In the beginning of the second quarter the Eagles were only able to score a field goal thanks to kicker Jake Elliott. However, the defense only gave up a field goal to the Bengals as well, until the end of the second quarter when Joe Burrow threw a touchdown to Tee Higgins, making the score 10-6 Bengals. At the end of the second quarter Carson Wentz marched the Eagles’ offense down the field to score – making the score 13 to 10 Eagles by halftime. You’re thinking maybe the Eagles aren’t so bad after all…

Missed Opportunities

In the third quarter the Eagles were trying to march down the field to score another touchdown, but instead kicked a field goal. Unfortunately, the Eagles defense couldn’t stop the Bengals offense from going down and scoring a touchdown, making the score 17-16 Bengals. This entire quarter was frustrating. I’ve had more enjoyment sitting in a dentist chair.

Calling it a comeback

In the fourth quarter the Bengals scored a touchdown making it 23-16, but then at the end of the fourth quarter, Carson Wentz scored on an athletic, diving touchdown, tying the game 23-23 sending the game into overtime. Could we really win this one?


The Eagles went into overtime and kept the Bengals from scoring, then the Eagles tried going down the field to end the game on a field goal attempt, but they couldn’t even get an attempt off because of inexplicable, mind-numbing offensive line penalties. In the end, the game was tied, so the Eagles are now 0-2-1. They need to play more disciplined, avoid bonehead penalties, and take better advantage of the chances they get. Here’s to week four everyone….can’t wait…

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