How I Felt About the Philadelphia Eagles Beating the New York Giants

On October 22nd the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New York Giants hoping to get their first victory with fans in the stadium for the first time this season.

Back and forth madness

In the first quarter of the game the Philadelphia Eagles offense marched down the field and scored. I thought to myself when this happened, “Finally the Eagles are scoring on their first possession of the game for the first time this season”. But the Giants had scored as well in the beginning of the game making the score at the end of the quarter 7-7.

Eagles offense and special teams not doing so good

In the second quarter, the Eagles were not looking so good on offense or special teams because Carson Wentz had thrown another interception in the second quarter. Jake Elliott, yet again, missed another field goal this season, costing the Eagles valuable points.  But the Eagles defense was lighting up the second quarter when they had caused an interception and a fumble to the Giants offense, which made the score at halftime 10-7 Eagles.

Punting madness

In the third quarter, both the Eagles and Giants defense held the offenses to punting. However, the Eagles did give up one touchdown during the third quarter making the score at the end of the quarter  14-10 Giants.

Making a comeback 

In the fourth quarter the Eagles were trying to make a comeback by throwing another touchdown to take the go ahead lead, but then the Giants answered back quickly like an oncoming storm. The Eagles were able to withstand this onslaught and came up big on both sides of the ball – Carson Wentz threw a massive pass for a touchdown and the defense did their part by causing a Giants turnover. 

Takeaways from this game

The takeaways from this game were the fact that the Eagles can be really good as long as they play hard,  consistently and keep the number of interceptions down on offense since in this game Carson Wentz had less interceptions which meant he knew that he had to throw the ball out quicker. Here’s to week 8 everyone.

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