How I Felt About the Philadelphia Eagles Losing to the Los Angeles Rams

On September 20th the 0-1 Philadelphia Eagles faced the 1-0 Los Angeles Rams at home and let’s just say the game wasn’t pretty from kickoff.

First and second quarters marginally played at best

In the beginning of the first half the Eagles had gotten the ball after Miles Sanders had fumbled, leading to multiple touchdowns by the Rams, leading to a 14-3 Rams advantage. In the second quarter the Rams continued to score, but the Eagles started to get some momentum by causing a fumble on the kickoff to the Rams. Could they have done better in both the first and the second quarter making the score 21-16 Rams by halftime? Abos-freakin’-lutely.

Mayday, Mayday! We are taking on water and going down fast!

The Eagles were trying to get more momentum by trying to score and tie the game, but when trying to throw into the endzone, Carson Wentz threw an interception which caused a long drive for another Rams touchdown. This ended the third quarter with a score of 31-19. In the fourth quarter the Eagles tried scoring but were stopped.  The Rams continued to score, and the Eagles tried again and Carson Wentz threw yet another interception making the final score 37-19 Rams. (Side note: Dude, Carson…could I suggest new contacts or something?)

Team needs improvement ASAP. No more excuses accepted

This was a thoroughly bad game for the Eagles, starting off with the fumble by Miles Sanders, and the two Caraon Wentz interceptions. These errors clearly affected the overall tone of the game. Unfortunately, the defense wasn’t playing consistently either.  The things the Eagles could work on to get better for the rest of the season, include not fumbling the ball and just having better ball security. They should think when they catch the football that they are carrying a baby – you don’t want to drop the baby! Additionally, they should ensure that they run their routes well and make sure they don’t collapse, to reduce the chance of interceptions. Lastly, make sure that the players know what kind of defense they are playing so that they can cover their opponent’s receivers and cause interceptions. 

Hopefully they will do better in Week Three. They can’t do much worse…..

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