How I Felt About Aaron Rodgers Being Traded to the New York Jets and How This Will Impact the Rest Of the NFL

On April 24th 2023, the trade that NFL fans were waiting for all off-season to occur finally happened when former Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets.

How I Felt About Aaron Rodgers Being Traded to the New York Jets-

To be honest I was relieved that this trade had finally occurred since this trade had been in talks since the NFL season had finished back in February and was amped up in March when Rodgers was starting to talk about wanting to be traded somewhere else for the last couple of seasons since the Packers had drafted Jordan Love 26th overall in the 2020 NFL draft. Other reasons that this trade was inevitable was based on the fact that Green Bay also didn’t draft or pick up any receivers in free agency or in the draft as well for the last few years and thus causing Rodgers wanting to be traded after having a tenard as the Packers starting quarterback for 15 years. So ultimately this trade was inevitable to have occurred for the last couple of years.

How Will This Trade Impact the Rest of the NFL-

Now that Aaron Rodgers is out of Green Bay and is now with the Jets this will impact the NFL in many ways. In one aspect the NFC North can have a new team be the division winner instead of Green Bay which out of the other three teams in that division, the team that is most likely to win the division this coming season is most likely Detroit since they were really close to doing it last season but didn’t have a chance of making it due to beating the Packers but that had caused the Seattle Seahawks to represent the NFC in the wildcard round instead. On the flip side of things in the AFC Rodgers will most likely experience a few growing pains in his first two seasons with the Jets since then again doesn’t matter who their quarterback is the Jets are still a terrible football team and will  try to make a playoff run but then get cut short of that dream due to multiple teams that include but not to mention the Bills,Chiefs,Bengals,Chargers,Jaguars and Titans, which this shows that even though Aaron Rodgers is with the Jets some factors in certain conferences will change and others not so much so ultimately there will be multiple shakeups in the NFL coming this season. There you have it, my take on Aaron Rodgers being traded see you next time NFL fans.

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