How I Feel About Zach Wilson Not Starting on Sunday and What I Think Will Happen Next

On Wednesday, November 23rd, the New York Jets decided to bench starting quarterback Zach Wilson for backup quarterback Mike White. This now leads to the question of, What exactly happened for this to occur to Zach Wilson, and what will happen next for him in the NFL?

Was this inevitable to occur?

Based on last week’s game against New England, Wilson threw for 9-22 in passing attempts. Other things that also display this stance is that he has had a lousy touchdown to interception ratio, which was four touchdowns to five interceptions so far this season, and only a 72.6 passing rating this season as well. All of these reasons help contribute to this occurring. But, ultimately, Wilson’s downfall to all of this was the fact that during his postgame press conference with the media following the Patriots game, he said that the reason why the Jets lost to the Patriots for the second time in the same month and caused the Jets to drop to 6-4 wasn’t his fault when in actuality it was his fault since he could only complete nine passes out of his 22 attempts which is only 40% of his passes in that game, and was sacked not to mentioned in this game four times which might sound like a lot. But in actuality, it isn’t just look at some other quarterbacks, for instance, who have been sacked for more than that, not looking at you, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals, even though that was in a playoff game which the Jets will most likely not get to if they didn’t bench Wilson, but I digress. But furthermore, if you look at all of the stats for last week low scoring game against the Patriots, it shows that this benching for Wilson was coming from a mile away for him, which was inevitable to occur to Wilson and thus why, if you are a true leader which Wilson is not you own up to your mistakes and say it was your responsibility that you didn’t do your job like you should have done in the first place which is why what occurred had occurred to Wilson.

What do I think is next for Zach Wilson after being benched?

After being benched by New York, Zach Wilson might be thinking what exactly is next for me since I have been benched for Mike White; where do I go now? What is next for Wilson could be two different things which could. Be the first option; he gets his act together and shows that he can still play for the Jets and becomes the starter again in a couple of weeks, most likely around either week 15 or week 16, when the Jets need a quarterback to fill in because Mike White is either injured or tanking and causing the Jets to lose more games and cost them their season and their playoff berth in the AFC this season. The second option would most likely be to keep Wilson for the rest of this season and then release him between the offseason when teams are trading for other players or during the draft day, which is typical for many teams to do. Or the last option could be either he decides that football isn’t for him anymore or the team cuts him in March during trade time or later than that too. Furthermore, a lot could happen to Zach Wilson from now until next year. We have to see what happens; see you next, fans, for another fascinating piece about stuff occurring around the NFL.

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