How I feel about Tennessee being ranked #2 in the Nation and will they go all the way to the CFP

On Tuesday, November first, the recent AP ranking came out for the week, and Tennessee shocked everyone in the nation by being ranked #2 in the country. But the question lies here will Tennessee ride this wave of being #1 and go all the way to the College Football playoffs, or will they fall short and be a bust as usual?

The rest of the season schedule could determine whether or not they make it.

Looking at Tennessee’s schedule for their last four games of the season shows a chance for Tennessee to make a run at the playoffs. Still, the only problem that stands in their way is Georgia which they play this weekend which could cost them a loss but most likely won’t make Tennessee’s ranking fall since they are above Ohio State, Michigan, and Clemson, which are the usual teams in the playoffs. But Tennessee has a shot of making it after beating their last three opponents if the whole Georgia situation doesn’t work out in their favor since they play Missouri and South Carolina. Vanderbilt who are all considered a cream puff team since all of them are considered to be terrible; if Tennessee wins their next four games, then they have a shot of going.

Is this season for Tennessee considered a lightning-in-a-bottle situation?

I believe this season for Tennessee is lighting in the bottling season for Tennessee based on many factors. For instance, in the last few years have gone 7-6,3-7,8-5,5-7,4-8. But this year, Tennessee has gone 8-0 so far, which is considered to be lighting in a bottle for them since they haven’t been good in the last five or so years which could have been due to their offense and defense both being a dumpster fire but not as bad as Vanderbilt, but I digress. Still, another factor causing this season to be considered lighting in a bottle is that the Tennessee teams are terrible. For instance, the only teams that Tennessee played that put up a decent fight were Pitt, Florida, Alabama, and UT Martin Tennessee had beaten these teams that had put up a worthy battle; the other teams that were terrible, not so much, which is why this season would be considered a lightning in the bottle type of season for Tennessee cause usually they would lose to specific teams on that list that they beat this season.

Will this be the only time we see Tennessee be good for the next five years?

I believe that this season might be the only season we see Tennessee be perfect for the next five to ten years because they are usually not that good each year based on the record seasons they have had in the past few years. One of the factors that could impact Tennessee not being good the next few years is that if they are reasonable, this season, most of Tennessee’s games will be against good opponents, which could cause them to go back into their losing streak spiral. Ultimately Tennessee will only be good this season and not for the next few years, all cause of the critical reason that they will have to play more challenging teams which could cause them to lose games again and make their fans wish they were never Tennessee fans. There you have it, my take on Tennessee and if they make it to the CFP, why I think this season is considered lighting in the bottling season for the Volunteers, and if this will only be the only good season they have for the next five to ten years.

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