How I feel about Carson Wentz being traded to the Colts

On February 18th Carson Wentz was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft and a conservative 2022 NFL draft pick.

Was this trade a surprise, or was this a long time coming for Wentz?

I honestly believe that this trade was not a surprise at all. The reason why I think it wasn’t because, at the end of the 2020 season, most knew that something like this would happen to Carson Wentz because he did so poorly last season. The Eagles needed a fresh start from Wentz, which is why they drafted Jalen Hurts the previous season. This was a clear indication that the Eagles front office knew that something new was needed.

Will this deal work out for the Colts?

I believe that this deal will only work out for a season or two with the Colts, but then everything will most likely collapse. I think this will occur based on Wentz’s spotty track record of staying healthy during a season for all sixteen games, which the Colts will realize in a couple of years that he is a total bust when the Colts are either not in the playoffs or when he gets injured every single season. Then Wentz will be back on the free-agent market again.

How does this impact the Eagles

This trade will positively impact the Eagles because one of their most significant issues from last season is now gone. The Eagles have a young offense, that includes quarterback Jalen Hurts. This is a positive impact on the Eagles since now that Wentz is out of the picture, they can finally win more games again, hopefully.

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