What Happened With My Beloved Eagles in the First Round of the 2020 NFL Draft

   On April 23rd, NFL network presented its three hour annual draft. This year the draft was entirely different due to COVID-19. There were no special events being held for the prospects, the coaches, the general managers, or the owners of each of the 32 teams.  This year, they could not be in the same room to celebrate. Everyone needed to be at home.  The commissioner of the League, Roger Goddell, could not give players his customary hug when they arrived on stage after their name was called, but he still got booed by all the fans of the NFL, who watched from home.  These boos helped raise money for Covid-19 relief. 

The Day of the Draft – Round One

It’s draft day and I am pumped!  Suited up in my Eagles gear, since they are my favorite team, I’m hoping they will draft someone really good that could help our team out.  My pick for the Eagles is Ceedee Lamb. Our team could use a really good wide receiver. 

At 8 pm, my dad (who is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, and the Eagles division rival) and I  sat down on our couch to watch the draft.   The first overall pick Joe Burrow,  was no surprise; either was the second, Chase Young or third Jeff Okudah.  That played out just like I thought it would. 

But the fourth overall pick was a huge surprise, since I thought the Giants were going to draft Issiah Simmons.  Instead they took Andrew Thomas.  Picks five and six again, no surprise.  But pick number 17 by the Dallas Cowboys left me speechless. They took my guy, Ceedee Lamb. I couldn’t believe it! I was really mad, but my dad told me that it was too bad! See, we beat the Cowboys in the Division Championship game last winter, but that also gave us a later pick in the first round of the draft.  Our pick was wide receiver, Jalen Reagor, from Texas Christian University (TCU). Here’s hoping he can help the Eagles on the road to victory this season. E-A-G-L-E-S. EAGLES!!!!


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