Why I Think Cam Newton Hasn’t Been Signed to Another Team and What Is Next For Him

Ever since March 24th Cam Newton has been on the free agency list. The question over the past three months is why hasn’t a team signed him yet?  And what lies ahead for him in the NFL?

Why I think Cam Newton has not been signed to another NFL team yet

The reason why I think that Cam Newton hasn’t been signed to another NFL team is because none of the 32 teams in the league need a starting quarterback, and most don’t need a backup quarterback either since they already have them, so he would just be the third string quarterback on the team which most teams don’t need since three quarterbacks are too many. Another reason why I suspect Newton hasn’t been signed to another team yet is because he gets injured all the time. I believe most teams don’t want an injury-prone quarterback, just look at the Philadelphia Eagles as an example. Their starting quarterback Carson Wentz gets injured every season, and look what the Eagles did during the draft, they drafted another quarterback for when the day comes (and we all know it will) when Wentz inevitably gets injured and he needs to be replaced. Another reason why I believe that Newton hasn’t been signed is because of the controversial situation back in 2017 when he disparaged a female reporter.  He is a public relations risk to teams and many don’t want to deal with that.

What is next for Cam Newton in the National Football League

Here is what I think is next for Cam Newton in the NFL. He has two options, the first option would be that he tries to stay healthy for a few more years, and bounces around to a bunch of teams that need a backup quarterback in the future, and hopefully not get in trouble with the media like he somehow does.  His second option is just retire this year, and not worry about getting injured anymore.  There’s always room on Holey Moley for another would-be miniature golfer, if he can avoid walking into the port-a-potty.

8 thoughts on “Why I Think Cam Newton Hasn’t Been Signed to Another Team and What Is Next For Him

  1. Nia you are my hero! I have loved football since I was a little girl. I am passionate about most sports in general. You have a future in writing young lady.

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  2. Nia, I am in awe of your talent. I have to strongly disagree with some of the content in this blog, but overall extremely enjoyable. Great job girl!!!

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